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EASYPOP is a specialized anti-static flooring manufacturing company. EASYPOP, only focus on environmentally friendly, high-performance anti-static floor of the R & D production. The company is headquartered in Beijing, is responsible for technical development, customer service, marketing; production base is located in Hebei, zero emissions, no dust production, with an annual output capacity of 300 thousand ~50 square meters.

The mission of the smooth man is: to be the best anti-static floor for the Chinese, and to provide users with a revolutionary and better user experience.

Easy to smooth, in order to ensure the quality of service, and better service to users, the company directly to one to one service to users, no agents, hereby declare. EASYPOP registered trademark is "EASYPOP", beware of counterfeiting.

Easy paving anti-static floor has a number of national innovation, invention patent, invention and innovation all come from the room construction of the user experience, all around the room to solve the problems in the use of static floor laying, a pavement, life is not bad. The utility model has the advantages of smooth and beautiful appearance, no shaking, convenient installation, convenient maintenance, convenient operation, safety and reliability.

Easy to smooth production process fine, strict enterprise production standards (higher than the national standards and industry standards). Most of the production equipment improvement and development alone, patent protection, product appearance parameter precision error is less than 0.1mm, bearing level standards of all type Z (heavy load standard), the board, strake never KaiJiao fall off, easy paving lifetime warranty commitment.

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