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author:admin Release date:2017-07-25
    The inverted T shaped column track: made of Aluminum Alloy material with high strength, good flatness of Aluminum Alloy, high strength, easy to the floor, compared with the traditional single leg support is more stable and safe, strong integrity;
Practical application

T shaped columns of the spine to the floor rail gap to realize the natural vertical segmentation, straight slot
T shaped column rail straight, flat on top floor of nature
 Easy installation: T shaped column track paving a natural flat formed between 2 T shaped column channel, shaped like a train track, the floor on the track of neat, smooth arrangement;
To pave T shaped column track laying on the floor (elevation structure): T shaped columns connected by a small beam expansion device under the action of longitudinal slot floor natural straight, horizontal gap adjustment is simple and easy;


T shaped column track, width 60mm, high shoulders 30mm, ridge height 14mm, thickness 2.0mm, length 3600mm standard.