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  • Steady

    The support leg system is made of high-intense aluminum alloy. Floor paved on it is smooth and steady. T-shaped column track makes the seam between neighboring floors straight and naturally separated. Common problems such as displacement、waggle even missed steps won’t happen/occur/appear anymore.

  • Artistic and Indeformable

    Integral frame system of EASYPOP solves many actual problems, such as difficult to pave near the wall or around the computer cabinet and brings many advantages, for example stable and safe paving result, convenient disassembling、 assembling and maintenance.

  • Life-time Quality Guarantee

    High precision processing equipment and unique processing technique makes it easy to pave and outstanding paving results its measure error less than 0.1mm/ with a tolerance of less than one millimeter in thickness、width、flatness and other measures.

High strength aluminum alloy profile, good flatness, pavement formation, floor support legs can also move left and right, avoid the pipeline
Column orbit integration design, natural flat floor cracks
Seamless steel pipe leg, bearing capacity, adjusting the screw rod and seamless pipe wall moving gap is small, not shaking
Universal savings adaptive legs, uneven ground, can eliminate the superposition error level, make the effect more smooth pavement

Free welding, high strength aluminum alloy network cabinet equipment support, adjustable horizontal height and locking function
The periphery of the equipment support is designed with a flat structure supporting the floor, which is seamlessly connected with the floor and the floor is very stable

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